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Broodstock Update

Releasing an adult pallid sturgeon into the Yellowstone River.

Crews from MTFWP, USGS and USFWS converged at the confluence of the Missouri and Yellowstone Rivers. The week of May 5th was the first broodstock collection effort in the Upper Basin.  Six boats drifted trammel nets in hopes of catching an adult pallid sturgeon that has not contributed to the propagation program.  Fifteen adult pallid sturgeon were captured above the confluence in the Yellowstone River during this four day effort.  Two males and a female that have not been used in the propagation program were taken to Garrison Dam National Fish Hatchery. Of the fifteen adult pallid sturgeon captured only two did not have radio transmitters.  Another week of broodstock collection will take place in late May or early June.  

Drifting trammel nets for adult pallid sturgeon in the Yellowstone River.