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Larval Drift Study on the Missouri River below the Fort Peck Dam

Description: A short video featuring a number of Upper Basin Pallid Sturgeon Workgroup members who work so tirelessly to ensure the study’s success.

Pallid Sturgeon Juveniles Swimming:

Cryopreserved Pallid Sturgeon Milt

Description: Pallid sturgeon milt cryopreserved in 2004 at the Garrison Dam National Fish Hatchery is used to fertilize eggs seven years later.  Progeny from the spawning event were stocked in support of the recovery effort.

2012 In Murky Waters: The Plight of the Pallid Sturgeon (Full Video)

1996 Preserving the Pallid Sturgeon (Full Video)

60-Second Promo

30-Second Promo #1

30-Second Promo #2